XCODE – Get logs, passwords, and files from a target



The Xcode tool / software is made in purpose of education ONLY, usage of it is at Your own risk and responsibility. All possible damage made to Your computer or third party by using any part or whole of this tool / software is at Your own responsibility.

Xcode – Microsoft Office.

The tool, Xcode which is designed on the TRACER FIRE, represents a macro “virus” for Microsoft Office documents whose purpose is by launching Microsoft Office document with the victim’s computer takes over logs, passwords, files and submit them to the attacker server.

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Educational purposes only

The Xcode tool is designed for educational purposes only. TRACER FIRE is made by the development team JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group), which is a unit of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British intelligence agency
The existence of TRACER FIRE is not officially confirmed, but according to documents released publicly by Edward Snowden , such a tool exists. The author of this work is reading the description of the tools presented in the above PDF file, got the idea to create a tool that would have the same outcome.
Use xcode with caution

How it works.

The software used to extract information is NIR Soft Web Browser Pass View. It is a console and graphical tool that can extract history, user names and passwords from all popular Web Browsers.
The EXE file is transcoded in base64 and as such has been included in the macro that is implemented in a Word document.
VBA script that was used to write this tool has a limit on the number of characters in a row, so this tool has to abide this restriction, so transcoding divided by the number of characters in a row. For every 512 encoded characters is a new row or a new variable.

This Microsoft Word document is executed in full only on Windows operating systems. In order to achieve complete coverage of all the Office tools such as Libre Office, Open Office, Microsoft Office for OS X it will be necessary to write in the appropriate script language, as well as paths to adjust operating systems, but also to adapt the procedure for extracting the operating system.

Xcode - Microsoft Office -1

Xcode - Microsoft Office - 2

Xcode - Microsoft Office - 3